Monday, July 6, 2015

Streamlining the Procurement Process

Requests for Proposals from UN Procurement Support Office brings innovative technical solutions closer

By Bonizella Biagini

UNDP’s Multi-country Programme on Climate Information for Resilient Development and Adaptation to Climate Change in Africa (CIRDA) established this past year a Letter of Understanding (LoU) with UN’s Procurement Support Office (PSO) to provide assistance to partner countries in their efforts to procure hydro meteorological equipment and services for the implementation of the Strengthening Climate Information/Early Warning System projects.  

The collaboration with the PSO has continued to deliver benefits and results to the benefit of CIRDA partner countries. 

After consultations with all national programs with which we are collaborating and input from our technical advisors, the PSO has launched a Request For Proposals (RFP) for innovative technical solutions that can help national meteorological and hydrological services provide cost effective climate change adaptation and early warning services.

This RFP requests solutions from the private sector for weather and climate monitoring as well as prediction services and will result in a Long Term Agreement (LTA) or LTAs with one or more suppliers that each country can use to more rapidly procure these technical solutions.  The LTAs will include innovative automatic weather station hardware, severe weather warning systems, and weather forecasting solutions as well as weather and climate display and alerting platforms.  It will also include implementation, training, operation and maintenance service support should the local NMHS require additional service from the supplier(s) in these critical areas of operational execution.

Throughout this summer, the PSO (with CIRDA support) will be managing the RFP process, and we expect to have formal engagements with the private sector suppliers established by late August.  National procurements of these innovative solutions could then take place beginning this fall and in time to deliver results against your 2015 work plans.

Useful Links
Find the RFP on the United Nations Global Marketplace and the UNDP website.


Unknown said...

Where can I find the link to the RFP? My company is interested in the project for Liberia.

Greg Benchwick said...

Dear Andrew,
Here are links to the RFP. Many thanks. The RFP has been posted in UNGM ( and UNDP website (

Unknown said...

Thank you very much sir. This was useful.

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