Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Our Work in 2015

On the ground training and the development of long-term agreements will fuel the procurement process for new cutting edge weather information systems. In the end, our work continues to focus on improving the lives of smallholder farmers that will greatly benefit from accurate weather forecasts. Photo from the Uganda countryside. Neil Palmer/CIAT.

2015 CIRDA Annual Work Plan and Budget Approved by CIRDA Project Board

With the objective of reviewing the CIRDA Programme’s 2015 Annual Workplan (AWP) and Budget, the CIRDA Project Board met in Kampala, Uganda on 5 of March 2015.

In Kampala, Project Board Members were provided with a brief recap of the activities undertaken by the CIRDA Programme during 2014. These included a survey on data digitization, the holding of two regional training workshops, a technology Expo, along with various outreach activities to identify private sector partnerships and missions to selected partner countries by CIRDA experts. In addition to the technical procurement support that the CIRDA Programme has been sponsoring through a Letter of Understanding (LoU) with UNDP’s Procurement Support Unit along with key meteorology and technology experts, as well as various other support actions. 

For 2015, the CIRDA Board approved an AWP that includes country support in data rescue and digitization, continued specialized procurement guidance, two regional training workshops, the hiring of country specialists in the field of hydrology, meteorology and alternative technologies to provide on the ground training to all 11 CIRDA partner countries; training missions to at least 6 partner countries as well as the development of long term agreements (LTA) with technology providers of meteorological and hydrological equipment. During the meeting, board members expressed their appreciation to the CIRDA Team and Manager for the ambitious initiatives projected for this year, particularly in expanding the deployment of CIRDA experts to partner countries  to provide on the ground support during the implementation of national Climate Information/ Early Warning Projects. 

The  CIRDA Programme Board Members are Stephen Gold, Principal Policy and Technical Advisor and Head of Green LECRDS, UNDP ;Mary Power, Director for Resource Mobilization, WMO; Juan Carlos Villagran, Head of UN-SPIDER Bonn Office; Jo Laurent Ngoma, UNDP Country Officer Sao Tome and Principe ; Isidore Agbokou, UNDP Country Officer Benin; Mariatu Swaray, UNDP Country Officer Sierra Leone; Onesimus Muhwezi, UNDP Country Officer Uganda. 

To access the documentation presented and approved by the Board as well as the minutes from the meeting check out the CIRDA Monitoring and Evaluation Page

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